Gui not going under topbar even when ignoreguiinset is enabled

This loading screen is not going under the topbar, even when I enabled ignoreguiinset on its parent screengui.

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Is the frame’s size 1,0,1,0? if yes, then this would be a bug and this would go in bug reports.

That is the size of the frame. Can normal users post bug reports?

yes but a community post approval has to approve it first.

If you want it to go to under the topbar, you don’t just set the image size to 1, 0, 1, 0. The topbar is 36 pixels in height, and scale scales the UI to the screen munis the topbar’s height.

Setting the size to 1, 0, 1, 36 and the position to 0, 0, -36, 0 will fix your problem.

Not entirely sure if the position is 0, 0, -36, 0 or 0, 0, 36, 0, test it out to see.

You would also make the ScreenGUIs Layout order to 6 or above.

from my experience, I have a game that a gui that covers the screen, I put ignoreguiinset and put the size 1,0,1,0 and it works fine.

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The order is over 6, and I tried 0, 0, -36, 0 and it didn’t work