Gui Not Placing where I want it

I have a health bar GUI, and I placed it on the top right, But when I play the actual game, its more on the Mid Right.

I have looked on how to do this but all there is are tutorials on how to fit guis on all devices, and when I try that, it just places the GUI on the bottom where I can’t select it, or move it.

I have picture as well:

Roblox Studio:

The game itself:

Can you click on the frame (or whatever you’re using) of the health GUI and send a screenshot of the properties tab?

Try setting the Anchor Point of the Gui.

Heres part of it.

Set the offset in the position and size to 0 and set anchor point to 0.5,0.5

I did it, But now the entire think is on the bottom and i cant move it.

That is because scale in size is also set to 0. Try changing it to 0.3 or 0.4 (X and Y both)

Edit: If 0.3 is too big, try lowering the numbers and change them to whatever you please.

Alright, the frame shows, but now everything Inside the frame has dissapeared.

What do you mean by that? Can you send a screenshot?

I have selected the Overlay and nothing shows up, even when I close out of Properties and Explorer.

Quick explanation:

There are two type of “sizes” that you can apply to an UI, offset & scale.

Offset will always apply the same quantity of pixels to the size, no matter the resolution & screen the player is using.

Scale will adapt the UI size & position to the client’s screen & resolution.

I would recommend using Scale for almost every UI object. Offset should only be used when doing tweens or when changing positions.

This just means that the frame is too big, or the position of the overlay is off-screen. Try changing the scale size or position of the UI objects until they become visible.

Edit: Also, set the anchor point of the UI objects to 0.5,0.5

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