GUI Not Scaling despite Constraint

I have this GUI, I used ZacByte’s autoscale plugin:

to scale my UI but for some reason every BUT the stars (apart of a clipping decendants frame) is the only thing that does not scale. Does anyone know what the issue is?
gui.rbxl (46.3 KB)


guifixed.rbxl (46.4 KB)

Convert the size from offset to scale


That fixed it but I kinda of wanted it to be able to scale the “Base” gui so I could have a star rating visual. Is there any way I can replicate the same effect with Scale on? It seems I can only pull it off with offset.

Edit: Because the only solution I could think of is just having 5 different star GUIs, and a script telling the GUI if score is x, display 1 star, if score is y, display 2 stars which I don’t really want. I want it to be responsive, to whatever the score is and not when it reaches a certain number.

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