GUI not showing up on client

  1. What’s up with this post?
    I want my GUI to show up on both client and server in sync, however it only appears on server.

  2. What is the issue?
    I’m unaware of how to do this, I’ve tried remoteevents to no success.

  3. What have I attempted and where I’ve looked
    There weren’t any answers on the devforum, which I expected.
    I’ve tried remoteevents, I just cant use them well.

Here’s the current script, its a mess I know.

local mc = game.StarterGui.anotherplaceholder
local text = mc.Frame.TextFrame.Text
local music = game.Workspace.SwarmMusic
local spawner = game.Workspace.swarmmobs

while true do
	mc.Enabled = true
	text.Text = "placeholder."
	spawner.Enabled = true
	mc.Enabled = false
	text.Text = "placeholder 2 idk."
	spawner.Enabled = false

You are changing the StarterGui, which does not reflect on the clients until they reset. Have a remote event that is triggered by the server, which sends a message to all clients to enable/disable the GUI through a local script.

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