Gui Objects Not Rendering Under CoreGui In Studio's Test Run Environment

I am trying to insert manually, a ScreenGui into the CoreGui to begin building (or rather rebuilding) a plugin I am making, but I am getting it removed or if scripted in; I get a security related error. I see several plugin Gui within the CoreGui, so it must be me (I can’t imagine what) that is doing something wrong.

Are there particular steps to take to make this function smoothly?

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If you are using a plugin script that ruins in Studio (not test mode) to create a gui in CoreGui, you should not be getting a security error. However, if you use a regular script or local script that runs in your game, you cannot access the CoreGui. This is stop developers from modifying things such as the report abuse feature, adding friends, and other stuff you do not want developers modifying.

Also, looks like you posted in wrong forum.

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That could very well be the case! I have tried reading around about plugin scripts and can’t find anything on what it looks like (icon-wise) or what the difference is between the others (well, I am assuming it deals with plugins based on its name).

EDIT: So, I guess I forget about saving it as a plugin. I still don’t get how saving a script as a plugin gives it different functionality. This was a lol on my end.

Solution: Go back and read Intro to Plugins carefully!

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