Gui on Xisor's "If trading were in mad city" thoughts?

So I was browsing through youtube and then I stumbled upon this video called “If TRADING Got ADDED in Mad City! :money_with_wings: (Roblox)”. I saw the thumbnail and thought wow that would be cool to make and script in studio.

So I did. I spent about 2 - 3 hours making the cool GUI and it came out really good. Here is the link(The trading itself does not work you have to click accept and a GUI will pop up)

EDIT: I don’t know why but when you click accept the GUI will pop up of saying the trade was accepted but the previous trading frame doesn’t destroy (I’m not fixing that because I am too tired) Thoughts?


I think this should be in creations feedback if you do not have an issue with this. I will join the game later as I am on mobile right now, but from reading I can tell this sounds promising!

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What do you mean that your going to re - print everything


Just leave the man to re-print everything.

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Why do so many people make this mistake…

Use scale not offset…

I really think that anyone at roblox should change it to become scale using the drag tools.

That is insane. What do you mean by using scale? When I was testing it worked perfectly fine.

it works perfectly fine for you because you made it on your device with your screen size, someone else with a different screen size will have it all over the place cause Roblox’s UI system is kinda garbage

LOL. As a UI designer for like 2 years I can agree with this statement. That’s stupid how the ui works for ME but not for other players on other devices smh

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yeah, you just need to switch the scale from offset to scale for it to work on every device

this plugin can help you switch your pre-existing GUIs to the proper scaling

damn thats unfair Roblox doesn’t let you do that on its platform smh