Gui position help

Is it possible to see your Guis as the player would see them in the game?

They’re in different positions on the screen in studio and in game




This property determines a GUI's pixel and scalar size using a UDim2 . Its value can be expressed as, PixelX, ScalarY, PixelY) or ({ScalarX, PixelX}, {ScalarY, PixelY}) . Position is centered around a GUI’s GuiObject.AnchorPoint .

An element’s position can also be set by modifying both its scalar and pixel positions at the same time. For instance, its position can be set to ({0.25, 100}, {0.25, 100}) .

The scalar position is relative to the size of the parent GUI element. For example, if AnchorPoint is set to 0, 0 and Position is set to {0, 0}, {0, 0} , the element’s top left corner renders at the top left corner of the parent element. Similarly, if AnchorPoint is set to 0, 0 and Position is set to {0.5, 0}, {0.5, 0} , the element’s top left corner will render at the direct center of the parent element.

The pixel portions of the UDim2 value are the same regardless of the parent GUI’s size. The values represent the position of the object in pixels. For example, if set to {0, 100}, {0, 150} the element’s AnchorPoint will render with on the screen 100 pixels from the left and 150 pixels from the top.

An object’s actual pixel position can be read from the GuiBase2d.AbsolutePosition property.


To answer your question,

Yes, there is. You would have to use the Device Emulator, as shown in this video:

You can use the emulator’s drop down menu to view your game and UIs on different devices. Hope this answered your question. :happy1:

sorry for the lag in the video


to get the UI to stay on the same place and size on all screen sizes you need to work with offset, you can do it on your own if you like to edit them all but I have a verry handy plugin where you can convert all of the ui to offset, here it is: AutoScale Lite - Roblox

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