Gui position resets into the corner of the screen when duplicated, help?


I need help, when I duplicate my Guis and descendants of them, their position just resets into the corner of the screen/frame. This is really impacting because my game’s main systems are based around Guis.
Does anyone know how to fix this? It’s been happening for a few days and nothing I try seems to fix it.

I’ve made a topic revolving around this 2 other times but no one replies. I really need help.

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Hi! Couldn’t you just move the GUI using your mouse? You could always change the position through the GUI’s properties. Sorry if this is not the answer you wanted, but this is what I understood of your question.

Ok I got your fix, seems like you’re using autoscale plus right? Well there is a setting in the menu you need to have unchecked its Anchor point centered by Default please see attached pic, I just know you were probably getting very frustrated with all that, but that should fix your problem good luck with your project EDIT size in scale and the position offset by default also needs to be unchecked