GUI positioning help


I am working on a game that needs a GUI, for an example of this issue if I place down a GUI at the top center of the screen, then go to play the game, the GUI is then at the top left of the screen, if you get what I mean… Does anybody know how to fix this?

Thank you.

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It’s kind of hard to figure out what on your end you are doing wrong without some visuals to further help explain your problem but with regards to positioning things (with your case being top-centered), have you tried using Anchor Points yet?

With Anchor Points, basically, it is the origin point of a frame. If you anchor point is positioned at {0, 0} it means that the anchor point is positioned to the top-left corner of the frame while {1,1} means its at the lower-right corner of the frame.

To pull off your top-centered position, you can try setting the Anchor Point to {0.5, 0} so the origin point is at the top-center of the frame. Afterwards in the Frame’s position adjust the position to {0.5,0, 0, 0}. This should help align the frame and its contents to the top-center.

Hope this helps…