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Should I be using Offset or scale to position and scale screen GUI’s?

I’ve never understood this. In the past I remember 1 only works if it’s full screen and doesn’t readjust when a player scales his game window. While the other does? Which is proper to use?

It’s probably best to look up tutorials and guides for this. At the most basic though, Scale is a percentage from 0 to 1 where 1 is the full size of the screen (or the Frame that the GUI is inside of) and Offset is actual pixels. You need to use both. Some GUIs should scale, some should not. You usually need to preserve aspect ratio, but not always. It will require experience to get it all figured out.

Yea the tutorials are crap as they usually are which is why I went here lol

Idk who creates these tutorials but they are so dry and don’t explain it in a way that someone completely new to the concept would understand.

Question, when I scale a GUI’s Y axis. If I scale the top side or the bottom side of the GUI. The Y just increases or decreases, but I can’t seem to scale only 1 side. Do you know how I go about that?

Like I want to scale this GUI upwards to create cinematic bars, but if I scale Y it’s only going to scale 1 way and in this case it’s the wrong way that I need if that makes sense.

Like this makes no sense. And the tutorials I followed don’t really cover this.

In studio it looks like this:

And in play mode it looks like this:

Also it looks different on mobile. Is there a specific article to deal with these issues?

Are you trying to fit the ui on every device like mobile laptops etc

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Yea ideally I’d like to do that, is that not what you’re supposed to do? Is there mean’t to be different UI for each device?

Oh well that’s easy you can use a plug-in to do that you only need 1 ui and that plug-in to fit it in every device

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I can tell you the name of the plug-in too


Come to my devforum messages I will help you more there

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Ignore Gui Inset should fix this


I use AutoScale Lite - Roblox to fit all devices, just select all the frame, labels, buttons, etc and use the “Add constraint” and “Scale text” for the textlabels and things like that. I usually convert units to scale but not sure if it makes a difference.

That was what I was gonna say this plug-in helps out a lot and it’s easy to use

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Where do you find those properties?

I’m using only scale and yet I get issues where in studio view the GUI looks good then in playmode it’s not right and some sky is showing or the GUI is not sized properly.

It should be in the Screen Gui

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How do I scale a GUI 1 way, in like a direction, using script/tween. If I wanted to scale the GUI on the Y axis incrementing vs decrementing. How is that done? It seems like I can only edit that in studio mode resizing the GUI in either direction but it only shows on the Y axis as a increment or decrement regardless of which 2 coordinates (top left corner/top right corner) and vise versa.

if you want to scale a UI on a certain axis shouldn’t :TweenSize work fine? GuiObject | Roblox Creator Documentation

What I mean is this:

If I scale the top 2 corner points going upwards, and then drag the bottom 2 corner points downwards. The Y axis for scale only increases.

But in my case, I want only 1 set of corner points, in my case the top corner points to scale upwards. How is this done in code? Is it easing direction argument?

Im not an expert on UI and I can’t test weather im right or wrong but try using :TweenSizeAndPosition since the position changes every time you scale GuiObject | Roblox Creator Documentation But if you only want to tween the top corner points, I think :TweenSize should do fine