Gui randomly sizing and going offset

So basically, in studio it looks like what its supposed to be

But when i join in game, even with Autoscale Lite plugin, it looks like this:

Any solutions?

in the ScreenGui’s properties enable IgnoreGuiInset, that roblox topbar that only appears when the game is tested consumes 27px of the screen without that property enabled

Nevermind for some reason it goes like this on different resolutions

And this is on the roblox client not the inbuilt studio one btw

The reason it isn’t working is because gui conforms to your aspect ratio.

So is there a solution or can you not fix it?

You can lock the GUI to always look the same with this plugin, don’t worry it’s safe and also I didn’t make it

I have it but i use the Constraint feature and it doesnt work, still offsets.

Set the buttons and title (whatever you want to be in the middle) AnchorPoint (X) to 0.5, then also change the X Position of the buttons to 0.5 (the first half, I think it’s Scale, not sure)