GUI resizes when player resizes window

I’ve made a spin system which spins for your “element”.
However, i’ve encountered a bug where if the player resizes the window, while the spinner is spinning, it creates gaps between the squares which if the spinner lands on will cause an error. How do I stop the GUI size from changing when its spinning so that the gaps do not appear?

This is what it looks like normally:

However, if I resize the window:

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Simply because you are using an offset value instead of scale, you’re likely using UIListConstraint if I am not wrong, in the properties window, you can change the size from Offset to Scale

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As @Wqund has said you are most likely using offset to size your UIs.
In UIs there are two settings in size, your scale and your offset. The difference between the two is that offset will remain the same size no matter what you do to your window or size of your monitor.
Scale on the other hand will resize the UI with the size of your screen which is very useful for making UIs cross platform compatible and accommodating different screen sizes but this can cause them to look off in some cases as you have encountered here

As @topdog_alpha and @Wqund said, you ned your Size to be in Scale.
These are trusted plugins to help.

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