Gui resizing problems

i’ve recently add uis to my game i sized and positned them to their right position but the position is weirder when played in game

in studio’

In game

idk how to fix this please may i get some help!


Can you please elaborate more on your issue? I cannot yet understand what the problem is.
Thank you.

Edit: Please also let us know what you are intending to solve.

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Basically i sized the uis in studio to look like this

but they come out looking like this in a real server not testing in studio

One moment while ill write these down

Twitter – Size - {0, 137},{0, 100} , position - {0.024, 0},{0.412, 0}
Shop – Size - {0, 95},{0, 100}, position - {-0.01, 0},{0.412, 0}
Settings – Size - {0, 96},{0, 78}, position - {0.097, 0},{0.43, 0}
Coin GUi - size - {0, 207},{0, 73}, position - {-0.003, 0},{0.53, 0}

Plus button comes as a whole picture with coin gui

What is the problem you are trying to resolve? Is it the pink button not being in line with others … ? Please explain thoroughly.

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No look basically ,the uis have a different position in game than studio,as seen in the pictures above

Try using scale for the size instead of pixels.

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hmm i really dont know how to use these,it would help for you to show me how

Offsets are in pixels. I believe you meant to say “scale”?

Edit: Fixed.

Edit2: Yes, @luaVovert, it can help if you use scale instead of offset. If you would like to research more on this, then visit this DevHub article.


This plugin might help: Plugin: Auto Scale for GUIs

To give a detailed answer, your UI isn’t working properly because you’re not positioning the elements relative to anything. I encourage you to learn how to use the AnchorPoint property and UIConstraints, as they help mitigate issues like the one you’re having.

Designing UI can be tough. If you have any questions, just ask.


@Intended_Pun never mind i used Scale to Offset plugin ,Thanks tho