GUI scale and fitting

Hello, I’m trying to position a gui frame to fit what it looks like in the studio but then when I play it in actual size in a PC like 1920x1080 the GUI frames are not where I positioned it. Is there a way to preview and see if its in the right position?

You should convert position and scale to scale instead of offset.

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I agree to @meteor0id and whenever I insert GUIs the offset is not 0, so I have to manually change it to 0.
Be sure you change both the position and the size’s offset to 0, or you’ll still have a wonky GUI.
You can always go to Test and select Device/Emulator to test your GUIs on different devices.

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This has been asked over a hundred times, I’m not even kidding. Please search for questions you have to see if they’ve already been answered already.

This is a plugin that does it for you and is easy to use, follow this tutorial -