GUI Scaling Goes wrong!

Hello, I have a problem with UI Scaling even with AutoScalePlus

Whatever I try, it doesn’t look as I expected it to be

What I want:

and This is what happens on 1080p:

it really gets so ugly, not even looking the way I designed it.


Try using scaled text and size the TextLabel to however size you need the text to be. Also, make sure there’s no offsets that you accidentally put in the side/position of your UI elements. Sometimes if the size or position is partly scaled and partly offset, the plugin will tell you it’s scaled when it isn’t.

I already did all this, its just, when the resolution Changes, they become too weird




Does it still show up like that in the actual experience? Try setting your computer’s resolution to 720p and 1080p but trying it in the experience on roblox

it seems like if make autoscale it breaks but without autoscale it works better??




Somehow… as long as I fix the Texts, now it scales better???

I think, I have to redo GUI from 1080p Settings then scale… I think?

WELL, It seems like I’ll be remaking UI With RelativeYY

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