GUI scaling issues

Hi! I’m having some issues with the UI’s that I’m developing for a game. The TextLabel within the frame is scaled properly when the Emulator is turned off, but when I turn it on or resize Roblox Studio, the TextLabel suddenly goes out of order and isn’t centered properly.

Above: UI appearance when in full screen.
Below: UI appearance after resize.

I would gladly appreciate some help/tips into solving this issue! This will also go for TextButtons, ImageLabels etc. when I add them into the UI.

Thanks a bunch!

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It seems like you are using pixels for scaling, instead of, well, scale. Try making your TextLabel this size: {1, 0}, {.15, 0} and mess around with those values.

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Yes, I realise my mistake. I accidentally used the Offset instead of the Scale property. Thanks :man_facepalming:

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