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Okay, hopefully this is the last scripting support post I make. I am wanting for you to click one GUI text button that destroys itself, but then makes a second GUI text button visible. I have made the script that destroys the first GUI text button, but I am looking for the script that makes the second one visible.

Here are some pictures…


(The script would go in that gap)

Note: I am not a professional scripter, if you couldn’t already tell :joy:

script.Parent.HitButton.Visible = true

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Instead of Destroying the GUI just change the visibility of the different buttons change. Right now your current script is destroying the ScreenGui element along with it’s descendants.

And for later notice I would not recommend copying and pasting your support questions and then creating a new post asking the same question.

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      script.Parent.Visible = false
      script.Parent.Parent.HitButton.Visible = true

Hope I helped :slight_smile:

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