Gui Size Issue (Studio > Game)

I made this health gui and I set the position and size to scale, added the UIAspectRatioConstraint but it just made the gui a square so I had to delete it.



Studio (in game simulation)

As you can see the text size is off and the gui overall size is too big


Try using da AutoScale Lite plugin

I do use that to convert from offset to scale for the gui

Try without using offset? Usually I just use scale and it works fine

Yes, I use scale I convert from offset to scale

Uh I don’t really understand what you mean

I use the plugin to convert from offset to scale


yeah I have no idea what ur saying can you word it differently or give a video?

You told me to change from offset to scale, and I did as you can see on the picture above

Ohh sorry about that oof :frowning:

Idk what to do then

What do you mean your UI became a square? I use UIAspectRatioConstraint in my UI and it works perfectly. What I do is divide the absolute size in the X coordinate by the Y coordinate. And that’s the AspectRatio for your UI, be sure to do that before inserting UIAspectRatioConstraint inside your UI.

I have actually 95% fixed my issue, I only used the autoscale plugin to change from offset to scale I never set the aspect ratio. It looks almost perfect

Use the red button on autoscale to add a UIAspectRatioConstraint of which is configured to make it look right.