[GUI] Team Changer Feedback

Hello everyone! I made made a Team Changer by using one my my plugins that cost robux and using UIGradients to my advantage. I would like to see how others would think? Please leave your honest opinions, I won’t criticise you.

Team Changer:


I quite like it actually but you it’s really plain I think you could change the style and shape up a bit.

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where are the UIGradients exactly?


I dislike the overuse of rounded corners. To me, they seem kind of unnecessary. Try making the team GUIs rectangular with minor rounded corners. There is a lot of empty space that could be used.

The close GUI is too red and has sharp corners unlike the rest of the GUI. To make it look better, add rounded corners to the close GUI and make it grayer.

I don’t see any gradients. Maybe this is a mistake?

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It’s fairly simplistic. For the top corner, I suggest roundifying that as well to match the them of the rest.

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I made them one whole color. I know the gradients use multiple colors but here I decided to color the rounded frame.

Alright, thanks for the feedback!

That close button seems bad.
Try doing it in some round style.
Well the gui is good itself.

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It’s a good start! Like others have said, I think that you should probably look at changing up the “close” button.

In addition to that, if the teams are color coded in any form, I would recommend changing the background color accordingly.

Hope this helped!

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Hard to really say. User Interface should match the game’s aesthetic, and seeing that this UI you created is pretty plain, I’m not sure how to conclude whether it was a good choice design-wise.

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It looks really good. You should add some more stuff to it so it’s not too plain.

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