GUI that pops up the invite tab in the game menu

I have wanted to add a GUI where you click it and the invite friends tab opens when you click it. I am adding some reward to people who invite over a certain amount of players, similar to ‘Pet Ranch Sim’ when they first released the game. When you click the GUI, it will just open the invited tab that is on the Roblox menu in every game.
Any scripts are much appreciated!

This feature is currently disabled.

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Once they reenable SocialService, this is the announcement post with information on it.

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What script would I need to be using to make the invite tab pop up when it is enabled?

The functions are on the announcement page under “Documentation”, I don’t have a script that uses them yet.

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Aside from the fact that SocialService is disabled, I must inform you that Scripting Support is not a venue to ask for code. Please do not use the Scripting Support categories to ask for scripts.