Gui that you can draw on

Recently I have worked on this small project, it is a GUI that you can draw on! So far you can change the color, clear everything, fill everything that’s white with the selected color, hide or show the grid, and you can also undo your last action!


Here are some of the settings in the script:

local DEFUALT_COLOR = Color3.fromRGB(255, 255, 255) -- This is the background-color
local CORNER_RADIUS =, 0) -- you can make the GUI's rounded but then the grid will not work/show
local CELLS_PER_LINE = 39 -- How many gui's/cells would be per line
local BORDER_SIZE = 2 -- The border size in pixels
local COLORS_BORDER_COLOR = Color3.fromRGB(181, 181, 181) -- The color of the grid
local COLORS_BORDER_SIZE = 5 -- There is a list of colors, this is the border size to let you know what color you have selected
local ALLOW_CHARACTER_TO_JUMP_AND_MOVE_WHEN_DRAWING = false -- If you want to allow the character to jump and move when using the GUI
local breakPerUndo = 10 --[[ When undoing there could be a lot in the table that it loops through and 
may cause lag, and when looping it will wait until the next frame every [breakPerUndo] times it loops through the table. Higher the number = less lag but more wait time, lower the number = more lag but less wait time]]

Please post some pictures of the ui itself, just so we know what we are downloading.