Gui To Lua Plugin (that actually works)

Hey there everyone. So I made a UI the other day and was ready to convert it to Lua using some old plugins, but was frustrated when the plugin did not work as expected. There are really 3 popular Gui To Lua plugins out there, one of which is discontinued, and the other two haven’t received updates in years and are missing certain core properties and objects such as AutomaticSize and UIStroke.

With this said, I decided to make my own automatically updating plugin, so I would only have to update the plugin if Roblox introduces a new type. This plugin uses Roblox’s official API dump to check for new objects and properties so your conversion will always (and I mean always) look and function the same as in studio.

This plugin is open source so you guys can learn from it or make some modifications if you would like (I don’t see why you would have to and please don’t sell this as your own).

Now when you run the plugin or look into the code, you will notice that the plugin requires access to the website “” in order to function. This website is owned by me and contains a copy of the official API dump that updates every 45 minutes or so that was coded in python. This endpoint does not log your IP (besides I would have nothing to link it to) and only returns the API dump. You unfortunately cannot get around this as Roblox blacklists their own IP so you would need a proxy for, which I couldn’t find a working reliable one. You can go ahead and set up your own if you want, but mine is already set up but do whatever you want.

This plugin supports Guis that can be as big as you want and is efficient when setting properties, as it checks with a reference if a property of an object is the default and would not need to be changed. Also if the converted Gui is too big for a single script (as there is a limit when setting .Source), it will automatically split your script into multiple scripts and place it into a folder in your workspace.

In order to use this plugin, select the object you would like to convert and click the “Convert” button in the plugin toolbar.

NOTE: the plugin will automatically set the parent of the converted result to CoreGui which isn’t always desired, you must manually change this in the converted result.

You can get the plugin here:…Lua-Plugin

Feel free to leave feedback if you want or let me know if they add a type or the plugin needs updating.

And yes there are use cases for this, don’t say that in comments please.


fwiw, you can use the following official endpoints to fetch the API dump:

Current Studio hash:

API dump:

replacing {{hash}} with the hash from the first URL

they’re not subject to the HttpService restrictions, as they’re hosted on an Amazon S3 bucket, rather than the protected domain. they are, however, the official endpoints used by under the hood

you shouldn’t need to update more than once a week. every 45 minutes is a little excessive and a waste of resources. you can also use deployhistory to fetch a specific version’s hash

(these are the endpoints used by codify)


yeah, and if it’s a GUI to lua plugin, he can just write the properties by hand. no need to use a giant api dump from HIS OWN website not a proxy or github hosted or anything.

I believe this still works, updated ten hours ago, although it does cost 350 robux.