GUI Transformer | A Free-To-Use Plugin For UI!

Introducing GUI Transformer!

I recently made this plugin as a useful feature to help developers easily transform any sort of UI into another type of it!

How To Use It?
Basically, when selecting a valid GuiObject from the explorer, click on one of the buttons to transform the UI to the choosen type, it will also:

  • Transfers its propreties into the new UI.
  • Transfers any object that was parented to the old UI to the new one.
  • Can undo/redo
  • 7 Different types to choose from!

What Can This Be Useful On?

My plugin allows you to easily create a same copy of the selected object, and saving its properties and children, this can be very useful when transforming a text label into a text button, or an image button into an image label, and so on!

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There’s already plugin like that called ReClass. Basically no difference, still good job.


Class converters do exist, but props to you for coding all of that.