Gui will not change to visible

Okay, so I’m following this tutorial on viewmodel rigs (linked below),

and the guy is going over a pretty simple loadout system. When the player dies, a gui becomes visible.


For some reason, i get the error "LoadoutMenu is not a valid member of ScreenGui "Loadout"". I am confused because the frame called LoadoutMenu is clearly in the screengui as you can see.


I tried to use WaitForChild("LoadoutMenu"), but it did not work either.

I also have the ability to go into the game and change the visibility myself and it works fine, but the script cannot.

Thank you very much
also this is my first post so sorry for any issues with the formatting or whatever.

You could try menu:WaitForChild("LoadoutMenu").Visible = true

Also could you specifiy which script enables / disables the UI?
Could you specify what menu variable stands for and where the script that enables / disables UI is located?

very sorry for not giving enough information

menu just leads to a screengui in PlayerGui

and i am not quite sure what you mean by the first question, but it is a local script in StarterPlayerScripts.

would it be at all better to just use
local menu = script.Parent.Parent.PlayerGui.Loadout?

When a player dies their playerGui resets.

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yo thanks so much i forgot to turn off ‘reset on respawn’

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