GUI Window Dragger & Resizer Plugin - Make your frames draggable & resizable easily!

Hello Guys!

I published a smart plugin by which you can insert a GUI dragging & resizing system into your projects.

TLDR: the link to the FREE / LITE version can be found at the bottom of the post :slight_smile:


After insterting the module, you’ll be able to:

  • turn your GUI objects resizable and draggable with a single command (e.g. frames with any content)

Use makeDraggable(yourFrame) and makeResizable(yourFrame) functions with or without arguments and enjoy the flexible drag & resize capability of your GUI objects!

  • change the look and behaviour of your windows with parameters: color of the resizer, show resizer border or not, resizer transparency and size etc.

  • Specify a dragger object (e.g. on the top) and make it the exclusive dragger or let the window to be dragged by any point!

  • Specify a minimum size of the window to avoid getting a too small size

  • Drag windows freely even if they overlap!

  • Use right mouse button click on the resizer to restore the very original size of the window!

Visit the demo experience and see how smooth it works!

FREE / LITE Version: get your free copy of the module from here!

Free version includes both dragger and resizer functions!
It doesn’t include:
– optional child object as dragger
– show border while resizing
– resizer color as argument
– overlap handling
– right mouse click to restore original size

Full version comes with a plugin that places all files into the proper folders.
In the free copy, you need to do it manually - follow the “relase notes” file!

I think this one is a cool feature for free, while the full version is a real pro tool.

This is the “kick-off” post of this new plugin, I’m waiting for your feedback!
You can analyze, use and change the inserted objects and scripts freely!

YouTube tutorial is available now!

May you liked this feature, check out all plugins of Apafey Studio and watch all Roblox related stuff on my YouTube channel!


This post should be in #resources:community-resources

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Hello, ty for your comment!

Originally it was posted to another topic as there wasn’t a free resource available.
I thought a bit and I linked a free / lite version of the feature for your convenience! :slight_smile:

Your comment changed the way I published the plugin, ty again!

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v1.1 update:

  • a detailed ‘release notes’ / ‘how to use’ file added

YouTube tutorial uploaded, check it out!


  • fixed bug: multiple input connections

The demo game has beeen updated too:

  • I added two imagelabels to demonstrate that it works with any GUI object not frames only.