Gui won't fit the same for every device

Right now I’m having trouble making my exit button fit for all screens. The gui next to it works for all screens but not itself. I’ve tried making the size to scale, making the anchor point .5,.5. Any help is appreciated.

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You need to add a ui constraint to your gui

Didn’t think about that, I’ll try it.

Go into “Size”, and make “Offset” 0 on x, and y. it will look weird at first, but works once you resize uit.

That’s what I’ve done already and It didn’t seem to work. I couldn’t find out how to get uiconstraint to work since then It doesn’t make the gui rescale on different screens.

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I’ll take another look at ui constraint today. I’m thinking I was doing it wrong since I’ve never done it before.

Well I was just able to change the SizeConstraint of the exit button to YY and it seems to work perfectly.

So I think you need to put ui constraint on the frames and not the screengui

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Ok goodluck! with your game or whatever your using the ui for

Well that works too! Seems like it might be more easy to use since I only have to put it under frames.

use this plugin AutoScale Lite - Roblox it adds a constraint to your ui and perfectly sizes it for all screens

the dev forum post on how to use it if you plan to do so: [Plugin] AutoScale Lite for GUIs - Scale your UI