Gui won't scale for other devices even with plugin

I just a plugin for scale size,position for every device, but i can’t fit the gui…


You sure you aint using offset and the plugin works? Check your properties window and see if any position or size values have offset in them

I click OFFSET’s first then i make scale, but idk, still not fixed

can you check the properties of the gui object to see if there’s any offset?

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You need to select all the GUI objects and press Scale on the plugin. That will give you the result you want, however, the best way to do it would be manually making it with UIScale and other UI instances.

Are you sure that EVERYTHING in the GUI object is set to Scale?

It appears not since children without scale can exceed the bounds of the parent gui object.

Yes of course, i click every button, textlabels, gui etc one by one and click scale them.