Guide for Xbox game development?

Tl;dr Doesn’t seem like there is a Guide for Xbox game Development on Roblox yet and I’m looking for one

More Detail

I just started touching the realm of Developing a Roblox game for Xbox and I have no clue of where to start or found any resources available by searching on my own hopefully someone with experience(you) will be able to help me and everyone else in the future having the same situation as me.

What I want to know specifically is how do I detect input using what Service and what Event/Functions
however other advice, tips, tricks, Dos & Don’ts list, best practices, things I’ll experience or something I should know in general would be very helpful.

Don’t hesitate to reply with something simple, everyone’s contribution is helpful. :+1:


Here’s what I think you’re looking for:
Has some helpful tips to code and tips and tricks/best practices
Image of helpful tips from the linked site:
This link has some helpful tips and teaches you how to do some cool things with haptic feedback. For example if your driving a car it will trigger haptic feedback(vibration in the xbox controller).
This is a helpful tutorial on how to make radial menus which can be used in console games if you want.

On the other hand of tips and tricks I don’t really know many but here are a few:

  • Make sure the Gui is scaled correctly so when the screen size changes the UI size and position stay how you want it to be ( if you didn’t know.If the Gui size is 0,400,0,100 the position would be 0.5,-200,0.5,-100 ect.)
    (when making the UI size scale correctly across multiple screen sizes always make the size 0.1,0,0.1,0 instead of 0,100,0,100 before editing the size)

helpful UI scaling links:
DevForum Tutorial

  • Bind certain UI with buttons(like A to accept and B to decline/ exit).

  • Make sure all controls are compatible with xbox.

(edit) I recommend having a look at this as well as it lists a lot of tips to making a game worthy of getting featured. Regardless of whether you are planning on getting featured it should be helpful:
It has some helpful tips like:

  • B button is almost always used to close a menu”
  • “Menus do not have multiple close buttons”
  • “Only references Xbox One controls (no references to keyboard, mouse, touch)”
    and other tips and tricks. things that might be helpful.

Side note :I’m pretty sure this is what you use to detect if a player is on xbox:

  • A little note for if your disabling core UI:

  • Make sure your thumbnails and UI would be big enough to be seen on the screen. Roblox recommends it to be clearly seen at 10 feet away from the TV.

  • If you have custom controls make sure you transfer it over to xbox controls and when in game tutorials pop up it explains it in xbox terminology.

  • Make sure it follows these guidelines:

I don’t really know any other tips but I wish you good luck in developing for xbox. :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:


Since I’m developing a game for Xbox and figured out a lot of its kinks, I’m probably going to be making a Xbox development guide for the tutorials section in the next month or so in full detail.


Cool I can’t wait!

I also gain interest in VR recently.

I hope that Roblox provides us with official guides, not that community guides aren’t great but it’s their job to make them

When I get the computer to play in VR I’ll consider it, there just isnt any demand that I know of or big enough player base.

Anyways if you have any Xbox development questions you can find me on Discord. #TechSpectrum2620