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Hey there, pixelrei here! I’m an clothing designer that have designing clothing since February 2021. A lot of people have a ton of questions regarding designing, such as “how do you make these?” questions and more. The reason why I made this topic is to answer some of the FAQ related designing clothes. Also, this will be your guide to know more about the clothing stuffs.

:pushpin: Take note that all the things I wrote here are all based on my experience and to what I learned throughout the days I have been designing.

Starting Point

Starting designing can be difficult task, since you really do not know where to start. You just need a little push and try start designing. Use your preferred software/app to your convenience. There are tons of software/apps to choose from, such as Paint.Net, GIMP, Photoshop, and more.

:pushpin: Not all software/apps are free, some of them needs a subscription to be fully used.

Tips for Clothing Designing

Let’s say you finally managed to make a clothing, and you want to improve your skill and you are thinking “what should I do now?” Well, here is some tips you can use to improve your skills:

  • Analyze your works – Now that you have made several clothing, what you can do now is analyze your works from your first to your recent design. Compare the two, and look for errors and parts that you think you have improved. In this way, you can avoid making the same mistakes. If you cannot figure it out by yourself, the second tip is for you.

  • Joining clothing community – This is one of the most interesting things when it comes to designing – meeting other people with same interests. There are several places you can join the community, such as Discord, Twitter, and more. After joining, now you can ask for advices and feedbacks from other designers to improve your skills, and even showcase your works for the other people to see. Make sure to have fun.

  • Watch & observe others designs – One of the effective way to learn faster, learning from skilled people. Using this method not only learn new different techniques, it will also help you to be motivated, and inspire you to design. Here are some place you can watch and see other people’s work: YouTube, Twitter, and DeviantArt.

Kinds: Hard-line & Soft-line

There are two (2) kinds of clothing inside Roblox; Hard-line & Soft-line clothing. To put it into words. Hard-line clothing does not uses anti-aliasing which gives the outfit more pixelated looks. On the other hand, Soft-line uses anti-aliasing which gives the outfit more blurry and soft looks. To explain more of their differences, please take a look of the example.



Source: What is Metrology Part 17: Antialiasing

:pushpin: Clothing can be with or without an outline.
:pushpin: You can combine the two kinds of clothing, if you want/prefer.

Kinds: Strengths & Weaknesses

Now let’s talk about their strengths and weaknesses using their differences.

Anti-aliasing ON:

  • Smoother Lines, even in smaller resolution.
  • Harder to fill up the shapes, using flat colors/gradient.

Anti-aliasing OFF:

  • Easier to fill up the shapes, using flat colors/gradient.
  • Jagged Lines, gives the line a wonky look.

Source: Anti-Aliased vs Aliased Lines for Inking & Coloring?

Categories: Styles

There are many categories, some of them are generalized to minimize the category.

Here is the list of the clothing categories inside Roblox.

  • Casual
  • Formal
  • Military Uniforms
  • Uniform (for Café, and more)
  • Kawaii
  • Loli
  • Grunge
  • Custom (Anime, Webtoon, and more)
  • and more

:pushpin: There are more styles out there, comment the other styles that is/are not included.
:pushpin: In case you want some feedbacks, you can specify your kind/techniques and categories/styles for the people to have a better understanding about your works, and give feedback to it.

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