Guide to the Trainee Corps

Welcome to the official guide of the Trainee Corps.
Please inform yourself on our schedules, ranks, and systems by directing yourself through numbers.


  1. Training Schedule

  2. Cadet Responsibilities

  3. Training System
    3.1 Basic Unified Training
    3.2 Specific Oriented Classes

  4. Top Cadet System
    4.1 Top Cadets
    As of 8/18/2018, ACGC is now disassembled.

  5. Graduation
    5.1 Eligibility to Graduate



All times posted are in Eastern Time Zone (EST) format
Asterisks indicate that instructors are not required to host at this time slot
Instructors may host anytime they want to. These are the times when training events are to be officially held. We do host on weekdays as well.

05:00 PM* | 17:00 EST*
10:00 PM | 22:00 EST

12:00 PM | 12:00 EST
05:00 PM | 17:00 EST
10:00 PM | 22:00 EST

12:00 PM | 12:00 EST
05:00 PM | 17:00 EST
10:00 PM* | 22:00 EST*



Cadets under this system are to police each other to ensure that the nature of cadets is proven to be a well-maintained, mature environment under an official training or event taking place. We do not ban fun, but we do ban everyday idiots. Please do not ruin the experiences of other cadets, as this goes for Instructors both potentially joining and currently enlisted reading this.
Cadets uphold the very name and image of the Corps, you represent us by joining us.



This current system has been modified to allow cadets to realistically and practically train themselves on 3DMG gear or firearms depending if the individual cadet meets the requirements in order to actually participate in these systems, along with a filter and verbal classes to teach and accelerate the individual to our alternate lore and to become a fully active and contributing member to our community.

3.1 Basic Unified Training [ALL CYCLES]

  • 3DMG - [15-30 minutes]
    – Gas Conservation
    – Strategic Practice
    – Human vs Human
    – Titan Dummy
    – 3DMG Safety
    – 3DMG Pursuit & Tracking

  • Firearms (Requires Firearm License) - [10-25 minutes]
    – Muskets
    – Cannons
    – Human vs Human
    – Long Range Targets
    – CQC Targets
    – Melee
    – Firearm Safety

  • Field Trip - [30 minutes]
    – Trost
    – Shiganshina
    – Other districts

3.2 Specific Oriented Classes [SPECIFIC CYCLES]

  • Introduction to the Trainee Corps [Initiates - new joining members only]
    How to:
    – Address Instructors
    – Be active in this community
    – Move up in the Trainee Corps

  • Rites of Passage [Initiates]
    – i.e. “What drives you to be here?”, “What do you want to accomplish now that you couldn’t before?”

  • What the Trainee Corps offers [Initiates - new joining members only]

  • What AoT:U is [Initiates - new joining members only]

  • Verbal Classes [Cycle I-IV]
    – Recent in-lore history
    – Concept of the Outside World and Factions
    – Factions can be hidden or public and are protected by Admins of Anime: Universe
    – The outside world does exist, but in lore we do not talk about it
    – Concept of Universe System
    – Teleportation from place to place, all connected
    – Concept of Civilian Life
    – “US Army style” Drill & Ceremony
    – Economy, banks, criminal activity, inventions, apartments, farming, factories, crafting, leveling systems, resource gathering, hunger, inventory system
    – Brings life to the Civilian aspect of the world
    – Branches and what they do
    MP - Protects and enforces law all around the kingdom
    — SG - Mix of both SL and MP
    — SL - Researches titans and keeps them at bay

    – Concept of Permadeath Events
    What dying means


4. Top Cadets

The Top Cadet system is an attempt to have the best of the best either in display of sheer skill or intelligence to be recognized upon joining a branch, if such a branch will have limitations to top cadets only. A maximum of 10 cadets will be chosen prior to graduation date, which are held on weekends, and may be limited to 1 at times even.

4.1 How to become a Top Cadet

During intermission testing, based on skill with 3dmg, firearms, and display of competence and intelligence in the written test following such a part in the entire intermission test, we select top cadets there, just before they will graduate.



Cadets reach graduation requirements if they pass the necessary tests to earn the rank of graduate pending, or “intermission”.

5.1 Eligibility to Graduate
Cadets must have the following to graduate:

  • Skill in 3DMG combat
  • Skill in firearm combat
  • 3DMG aerobatic and handling abilities
  • Competence
  • Intelligence
  • Awareness of the world and the current up-to-date lore
  • A clean record refraining from criminal activity

You will be tested on each topic in differing ways depending on date, instructor, and who you are as an individual.



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