Guillotines and other such devices against ToS?

Well I’ve had yet another run in with moderation after I was developing a game based around the french revolution.

I had a free model guillotine in the game that is fully functional with all the features and said model has been up in the catalog for well over a year and I’ve seen it used in other games as well.

I will not speak about the specifications of the moderation action to comply with the rules here, but this is just ridiculous.
Is this against the rules? Because if so, then that model shouldn’t have been on the catalog.

Let me know your thoughts or if you had a similar issue like this with a similar related device or content in your game.

Does the model include any blood? Roblox is strict with that.

It’s probably this what did it, but it’s honestly anyone’s guess what the moderator was thinking.

Seen other people put these type of models in their games, still don’t know why the mod choosed him out of other ppl.

There was no blood on it at all, so I’m not sure why this happened

Maybe they don’t want it functional? Moderation is handled case by case anyway, so there was probably some circumstance you were in where this was against the community rules (and not the terms of use)

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If this was against community rules then explain why this model which is the one I used and have seen used in countless other games is still up:

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I assume that’s an error in Roblox’s side. Just because everyone else is doing it, doesn’t mean it’s allowed.

All that can really be said is to contact support, they are staff members so you’ll get a better answer there.

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Roblox doesn’t police content and policies are subject to change. You should be concerned with your own circumstances and not hold them against another game. If you do, you’re bound to run into more moderation trouble like this in the future because you’re using another circumstance as a point of reference for your own when each case is independent.

You can use the Report Abuse feature to report content that doesn’t look appropriate for Roblox.