Gui's are falling

In studio when I test a device and choose iPad Pro it looks like this

On an actual iPad Pro it looks like this, both the inventory and shop gui fall down for some reason.

You might want to use a plugin to scale and position stuff down so that they fit into the whole screen and they won’t touch each other with the size of the devices.

Tip: Only scale + position things when they are not inside a frame, if a UI element is inside a frame or another element, then use the scale button.


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Even after using auto scale they move around

Did you scale every UI element that is on the picture that you have shown in the post? If not, then that would be the case and also positioning the main parent of the UI.

Also, can I see a picture when you did the scale stuff?

Yes I did

The main parent is a screen gui

This is what it looks like after I used the scale plugin

I would recommend using the following plugin I linked below. I’ve also attached a video tutorial on how to use the plugin. Hope it helped!


ScreenGui is not what I meant. I am talking about the frame that holds the buttons, text, and everything else inside of it has to be scaled.

Picture of what to scale and position:
The blue represents to scale and position that, and the properties inside of it is to scale, which would be the frame and the TextLabel.

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Yeah everything is scaled. The scale is working, it’s just the position that’s not. The UI’s are in a different position when you play it than what is shown in edit mode.

If you look at my picture, the blue represents to position that main parent which incase is the frame, you did scale everything and that’s good, but the main reason they are looking wonky and not in place is that you didn’t position them.

Just go back to the plugin and click Position onto the main parent, which is the frame and now the ScreenGui.

What sometimes happens to me is that when having something like the Explorer open, the GUIs scale differently. Do you have anything open?

Do you mean click on Unit Conversion and then under position click scale?

No, click position on the main parent of the text, buttons, and other stuff inside of it.

You go to Unit Conversion and then click on Position onto the main frame, and then scale everything else inside of it including the frame as well.

Sorry I don’t really understand what you mean

Try changing the anchor point to 0.5,0.5

Ok, I will show a video of an example of what to do with scale and positioning, also use the video that @Abhay108 posted in his post, it explains a lot on how to use it.

I found out it’s just 2 UI’s that are not working. Inventory and Shop fall down whenever I play the game.

Try using a UIListLayout with padding, vertical fill direction and vertical align center. It will automatically handle placing objects in the correct positiions.

You will need a structure like this:

So I found out that something is probably wrong with my screen gui, because when I duplicated the upgrades gui and put it under a different screen gui it moved down when I tested the game. Still don’t know what is wrong with the screen gui tho

Never mind I found the problem ignore gui inset was unchecked