GUI's changing size in different resolutions

I need my GUI’s to stay the same size in different resolutions. It keeps changing size when I resize roblox studio or change my PC’s resolution. I find this really annoying. I would prefer not to go with offset as it looks weird too. Here is some images of the problem:

My screen size (1920x1080):

My friends screen size (1024x768)

Do you see the difference? Its really annoying but I’m sure there is a simple fix!



Use this plugin

You’ll need a combination of scale and Aspect Ratio for it to scale properly on all devices


Another way of solving this (and the way I handle it) is to have 9 frames that hold all my UI: One for each corner, one for each edge and one for the centre of the screen (using Position and AnchorPoint). These each have an AspectRatioConstraint to force them to always be in a 16:9 aspect ratio.

This allows me to have HUD components that stick to corners and edges and whatnot, whilst not being stretched or squashed should the player resize their window.


Insert an AspectRatioConstraint in each of the buttons. Set the dominant axis to height and then change the X scale of both elements to 1.

The Y scale now determines the size.


Thank you, you all helped but I think I’ll stick with the plugin for ease :smiley: