Guis in StarterGui arent loading sometimes

I have a game I am currently working on and for some reason there is 1 player in particular where nothing in StarterGui is loaded into their PlayerGui.


There are 3 things that exist on every single player except this one player. Any thoughts on what would cause them to not load it? I’d like to note that they’ve been in the game for several minutes now and they still haven’t loaded.

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When you test is the PlayerGui of the user empty? If it is, there must be a script that is removing these Guis from the player.

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No, in studio and in game I have all my Guis. Im in a server with 9 people and every time I shut down it is the same person every time who doesn’t have the Guis.

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Have you verified that this user doesn’t actually have Guis? They could just be lying to you or removing them using exploits. Try running a check in the game console printing out the name of every child in their PlayerGui folder and see if the name of those Guis come up.

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Yes. Used server console to print children of PlayerGui and theres none… but everyone else has all 4.

I am VERY confused lol.

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Do you possibly have a script that could be removing these Guis?

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Nope; I don’t remove Guis at all. Anything I need hidden I tween or hide out of the way.

Whats confusing me is how its working for every player except this one random person

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Try pressing Ctrl + Shift + F (or Command + Shift + F for mac), type in Destroy and tell me what you see.

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That’s very odd, I don’t know if there’s anything else that could be causing that.

Is CharacterAutoLoads possibly disabled for this user?
Anything that is specifically different for this user at all?

Based on the information you provided the guy is either somewhat preventing his Guis from loading in on the server (don’t know if this is possible) or a script is removing it.

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Unfortunately I have work in the AM and am in bed now. Also I’m unable to replicate the issue without that specific player joining so I fear I might not find an answer.

No, the user is not specific or special in any way. Exactly the same as all the other users.

In that case the user is probably doing something to prevent their Guis from loading in. Has anyone else ever experienced this issue in your game?

Nope. Literally some random user. A bacon hair I believe if I remember correctly.

I wouldn’t worry about it in this case unless it starts showing up for other users. Roblox probably has some quirky thing where the client has some sort authority over whether their StarterGui loads. If no script is removing the GUI then it couldn’t be anything other than this or a roblox bug.

Well the problem is; my game relies on the server to manipulate some of the guis (a bad practice I suppose) so it’s causing game breaking issues. Of course I should just localize such functions but it’s still a critical issue I would like to understand.

Just check to make sure they have a GUI before doing anything to it. You should definitely localize though by firing RemoteEvents to all clients that need to have something updated. A LocalScript inside the Gui will be connected to this event and update based on what the server says.

Yeah. I have a module specifically for handling client/server communication but out of laziness didn’t use it for a couple things in particular, I’ll look into migrating some things over. Just concerning to me that a player can load in without anything from StarterGui.

And it’s not like anything is destroying it (from my understanding) because the moment the player joins I have the server :WaitForChild()‘ing looking for the Gui and the Guis simply never appear.

What my temporary solution was: manually clone the Guis into PlayerGui on PlayerAdded.

It shouldn’t concern you because your game shouldn’t depend on anything from the client. If the client removes their own Guis and that hinders their ability to play the game then that’s their problem.