GUIs on Samsung Note 4 Not Rendered at Full Resolution

The resolution on my android phone is 1440x2560 and games look like this:

Here’s a screenshot of a photo I took of this little guy in my yard (for reference and added cuteness :smiley:)

and here’s a screenshot from the same place on my iPad Air 2 (1536x2048):

The Note 4 should have higher specs than the iPad :frowning: The DPI is quite a bit higher though.


Open either ADB or a terminal app and run the following command:
getprop ro.sf.lcd_density

What number does it return? You want it to be over at least 480 given your resolution.

Pretty sure this intentional because there is no way to read pixel density from lua, so there would be no way to enlarge the guis for phones that have HD screens.

Also moved to mobile bugs

Reproduced on a Droid Turbo and iPhone 5.

Even if it’s intentional, this is in my top five mobile-related frustrations.
Upscaling is fine on higher DPI screens and when you’re using vector fonts, but there are problems–

  1. Roblox doesn’t use vector fonts yet, so scaled text looks bad
  2. The droid (natively 1440x2560) runs Roblox at 288x640. The iPhone has half the native resolution, but still gets twice the Roblox resolution despite comparatively dated hardware. ???

Yeah, other then the fact that Lua can fetch files. They can make a .dpi file (the dot makes it hidden inside Android/Data/ROBLOX_Folder) and use java to place the DPI in there.

@LMADev What Sharksie means is that the majority of the UI in ROBLOX games would suddenly look very small and may be even unusable on these devices due to the high DPI, because developers do not and currently also cannot compensate for this in the sizes of their UI elements, because they can’t read DPI from their Lua scripts.

Ah. Well I was responding towards the Core UI

@LMADev I’m not sure what you’re getting at; the core UI and in-game UI should be treated the same with respect to DPI and scaling.

However, the actual problem here is not scaling. It’s that Roblox for Android uses a much smaller base resolution than Roblox for iOS, regardless of the phone’s capabilities.

I just benchmarked both phones with 3DMark. The iPhone hovered around 14 fps. The Droid hit the ceiling at 60 and maxed out the score. There’s absolutely no reason Roblox should be using a lower resolution on the Droid.

On Android, we intentionally render at a lower resolution to improve performance on low-end devices.

I believe we may need to move to a system that takes the device’s specs into account when deciding rendering resolution. However, I can’t give any estimate on when (or even if) this might happen.