GUIs Overlapping

So I have a problem with two GUIs. I’ll make an example to explain it.

You have a loading screen and you also have a shop GUI. When you spawn in you can open the shop GUI while loading.

How could I make it so you can only open the shop if the loading screen has gone away?

(I’ve looked on youtube and on the devforum by the way.)

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Change the loading screen’s display order really high to ensure that it is in front of other GUIs

This should work @REALSuperSaul101 but if you just don’t want it to be able to be opened at all you can add a bool value under the loading screen so that when false the shop wont open and when true the shop will open.

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Okay, but how would I do that? (not sure since I don’t mess with GUIs that much)

Change this to something high, like 999999 (this is what I do)

I thought it’s something to do with Zindex?

It depends, but I am assuming his shop GUI and loading screen are both separate, so he can’t use ZIndex

not necessarily the case, if you set the ScreenGui’s ZIndex behaviour to global it will not conflict with any other ZIndex settings