Gui's Position keeps moving

Hello. I am trying to make a tutorial ScreenGui. However, when I test the game, the position of the UIs change.
These are the UIs when editing the game.

And here they are in testing.

The position and size of both UIs are in Scale, not Offset. There are also no layout constraints. Does anyone know why this might be happening?


I think this is because the studio screen is smaller than the in-game screen. Have you tried using an AutoScale plugin to solve this?

i think this is because roblox pushes guis to leave some space for the topbar
you can disable that by going on the screengui’s properties and enabling IgnoreGuiInset


This is not a live server, both photos are from Studio. Also, the screens are both the same size.

The X of the TextLabel has been changed (Check AbsolutePosition of TextLabel), you can use UIListLayout to make it that the button is always after the TextLabel.