GUIs Rendering in Incorrect Order

Sometime within the last hour, GUIs in my game started rendering out of order.

It’s not just happening to me, anyone that joins my game now experiences this. It also happens in studio in Team Create place, but not in studio on places that aren’t team create.

I believe it has something to do with the Global ZIndexBehaviour in the ScreenGuis. I think any GUI with a ZIndex that’s the same as its parent is showing up below it
Whatever update was just pushed by Roblox broke the existing behaviour

Here’s a link to my game where this occurs:

And some screenshots of it

and here’s what it’s supposed to look like (photo taken in studio)


Was about to post this thread myself but saw this one - just wanted to chime in and say this is affecting Tradelands pretty badly. Not sure if this change was intended to directly change behaviour of GUIs but it certainly is doing so.

If this is intentional it would’ve been really good to get some notice on this.

Possibly related flag FFlagGuiApplyInsertionOrderSort ?


Second this, all of a sudden players were not able to see my game menu anymore.

Same issue in my game, people cant save anything or load anything anymore, which means this issue made my game literally unplayable.

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I can confirm this issue has been happening on my games as well such as Rise of Nations and Neo Warfare X

unknown (1)

unknown (2)


The flag I mentioned has been flipped back off and our UI is back to normal.

Could a staff member confirm if the behaviour that came from this will be expected in future, and if so what exactly this behaviour is so we can update our UI accordingly?


The behavior change was related to that flag. The flag was originally intended to trigger no change in behavior, so no advice on how to update places yet (in the hopes that no changes are needed).


We just enabled v2 of this feature, as intended there were no visual effect of this change this time around (that I noticed) in any of the games listed on this thread. If you see any new artifacts that look possibly related to z-index ordering of guis please message me.

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