Gumball Brawl Face Showcase: Grin

Hello! I am currently working on a game cald Gumball Brawl, I want to learn art whilst Im Developing this game, here is a prototype face I made!

What are your opinions?


I think this could go well
But if you want better results
Use a better drawing program that has a stabilizer

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I just noticed it was the wrong catagory lol

You can use bezier curves to make everything smooth.
Event Microsoft Paint has them.


Suggest keeping the brushes similar, the eyes are significantly more smooth then the mouth which makes it look a bit messy.

I like how the curve isn’t perfect, it gives the face a hand-drawn and childish touch. However, as everyone is saying, for future references you should get a better stabilizer, or use bezier curves.

I agree with this BUT, I never used different brushes, I lost my mouse chip so now I draw with a trackpad and my hand always gets shaky while im drawing

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My hand used to get shaky when drawing too, I think it has to do with not holding a pencil for a long time. I suggest keep drawing more it’ll get less shaky, also try drawing on paper too.