Gumball machine I made

This is for a bar in a U.S.M game.

The model is completely handmade, except for the Gunballs. I used a free one as a “helper”.

Mine is on the right.

{ Proof I made it, video is slightly long }

Criticism and feedback would be great.


I like it especially because I like gum I also believe you could have easily made the gumballs in 30 seconds by using spheres and changing the color I believe you should have taken that extra step.

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Is there a quarter and output slot?

No, I am working on that. The reason I didn’t do it with all of it’s potential and my effort is because I have been building all day.


Your model looks fine. I just have some suggestions. First, try making it round and less boxy. Second, where is the slot to put your coins in? And lastly, the gumballs look like they are defying gravity. Try making to look like they are being pushed down.

The video file didn’t upload. Might want to fix that.

Both models look too similar, try to make one from scratch with your own design.

Looks good, I feel you should unanchor the balls so it’s more realistic like! I really like it though! Especially on ROBLOX studio! Keep it up!

You should use a decal instead of using multiple balls, and you should also look at BIG Game’s gum ball machine from My Restaurant, that should work as a reference. Here it is - image

image Cool but maybe add something where you can put the cents and where the gumball comes out

It said there is an error uploading video.

Hmmm. Have you tried reuploading it?