Gun and Animation Demo + 3D Unreal Engine 4 Teaser

Hello! I’ve just published the gun and animation demo for my dev team’s upcoming game.

We also have a 3D Animated Teaser out, too!

I appreciate any support that I get :+1:


The shooting system you have seems pretty effective. Some of the featured firearms don’t seem to fit the premise of the game (gang conflict, etc.) with the Saritch 308 existing only as a Russian military prototype and the FMG-9 never coming to market or production for the hands of regular consumers. But nonetheless, the modern black market for guns is as diverse as it’s ever been and it does feel like a unique take.

The animations work well but nonetheless have that “A to B” style where the joints follow set paths between keyframes. Am I right to assume that they were made in Studio with Roblox’s own editor or Moon?

The teaser itself has one problem. The first few seconds of the video state that the following content is “Game Engine Footage” and that seems to me like you’re flat out lying. The game isn’t made in Unreal Engine 4. Forgive me for pretty much stating the obvious but the top and bottom videos don’t seem remotely similar. I don’t understand why this would be stated.

Edit: I just noticed that the description of the Gun Demo video says that the animations were made in Blender 2.8. Apologies for the incorrect assumption but I don’t understand why the style of animation that was made in external software was made to look so similar to that of a much simple and easier to use plugin in Studio.

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That statement isn’t serious at all, it was put in there for fun (it’s an inside joke with my dev team)

How do you think I can improve my animations? I just picked up blender recently

Putting that in for “fun” is honestly a terrible excuse. Lying about what a game is or isn’t can cause you serious trouble. How is it still an “inside joke” if its being stated on a teaser trailer released to the public, where what the audience sees is what they actually believe?

Look to some other third person games and see their animations/style. Putting in easing styles between two direct keyframes can emulate fluidity but it can’t really be achieved unless you put some work into making the animation have some more motion. Adding some more movement in between keyframes can give you a more natural look. A big part of animating in Blender is the Graph Editor, which works as a more advanced way to edit easing styles and achieve a look that you want.



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