Gun animation help

Alright, i’m making an FPS game and i’m making animations for the guns i’ve modeled, but i’m new to animation and animating and was wondering if this is rigged right for the sniper rifle i created, it is set to be used as a tool. And when i have tried animating with it though i have trouble with it, i’ll attach a video to show.
The rifle itself

How it looks in workspace

The problem i’m having, the bolt moves before i want it to and it doesn’t look right, not sure if i’m supposed to work around it and all.

Note i’m scrubbing it to show how it looks, not playing it fully.

Maybe actually start the Bolt animation when the arm begins moving? They are clearly not in the same time-position.

I’ve tried putting the arm movement keyframe before the bolt starts moving and that seemed to help but when i try the closing of the bolt it slowly starts returning to the original position regardless of if i move the arm before it.

Click the key frame where the bolt goes up, then press shift + c, then, go to the frame where you want the bolt to BEGIN moving down and press shift + v.

Yeah that works but the bolt still moves before i want it too or it gets to a position where the bolt can be pulled back

Add “dead” keyframes in front of the keyframe where the bolt is supposed to move
aka add a static one that occupies the spot till the arm finally reaches the gun

this has nothing to do with the rigging its just moon animator being dumb, to fix this copy the first keyframe of bolt and sync it with with the first keyframe of the left arm