Gun firing sound stops playing

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Fix gunfire sound stopping to play.

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The fire sound resets for 0.1 seconds, so it starts playing again. It breaks like this:

(edit: The gun is supposed to fire every 0.1 second, asking for a way to make the sounds not break with the 0.1)

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Really basic local script example:

while wait() do
	local p = game.Players.LocalPlayer

	if isFire == true then
		if isDown then
			if db == false then
		db = true
				db  = false


script example:


Could be that the wait(0.1) statement is too short, causing the sound to start playing again, before the first sound has finished. Can you try increasing the wait to like .5? Also, you may want to check the length of the sound.

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The thing is, the gun is supposed to fire every 0.1 second.
I’m asking for a way to make the sounds work with the 0.1 (so they don’t break).

Ok I see – so you want the gun to fire every 0.1s. Do you know if the sound clip is 0.1s (or less?) At the end of the video, I can hear a “whoosh” sound for the end of the sound clip. I’m guessing the sound clip is longer than 0.1s.

You could check Fire.TimeLength to see if it’s longer than 0.1s. Alternatively, could find another clip that’s shorter than 0.1s. I couldn’t find anything about playing the clip at faster speed.?

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Yup maybe use Sound.PlaybackSpeed

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I think you need to use a sound that plays within .1 seconds or atleast the main bullet fire sound part to negate the distortion effect

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I’ll look into it, thanks. Might work, we’ll see.

Although I advise against using this solution for performance purposes, you could clone your gunshot sound every time you fire it, set PlayOnRemove to true, and destroy the clone.

Another thing, because you are playing the sound solely on the server, there will be server-client lag, thus the gunshots might sound off at times. I suggest you use a RemoteEvent to FireAllClients to play the sound locally.

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Hmm, pretty good ideas.
Also, wouldn’t firing all clients cause more lag than Server?

It varies depending on the strength of each clients computers, but in general, it is a good practice to do such things on the client instead of the server.