Gun Framework Related Questions: Kickback

I need some tips on a getting a similar kickback shown in the video.
(not just the push but the way the gun turns in random directions when shot)

I’m using lerp to get a similar effect but it’s not as polished as the one shown in the video. I think the guy used a math function or just cool math to make it.

Btw I’m not asking for any scripts just some methods I could try or study. Sorry for not explaining or writing much. I’ll include any details you might want, just ask in the replies.

Lerp works but the issue is that it is not very realistic, it has acceleration like feel but it always goes towards the goal and does not overshoot.

I have a feeling a second order system was used with acceleration and velocity a simple one being springs.

Some resources:


really appreciate the help, imma study with this for abit. hope you have a nice day/night!

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