Gun Model Feedback

I finished my first gun model! This took me like 90 minutes to finish. I would like to have some feedback and some tips to get better at modeling.

Showcase2 Showcase3

If you want more screenshots please let me know


It’s definitely a great start! You got the overall shape of the gun covered pretty well. However, it does seem a bit blocky at the moment. You could possibly add a bit more vertices to the mesh as well as a slight solidify modifier to give it a bit more of a beveled look, if you will. As well as the trigger guard seems a bit too thick, which is an easy fix but will make it look all that much better.

Overall, I would definitely be able to tell it was a pistol none the less, so that was accomplished. All I recommend is a bit more detailing.

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It looks great overall and on first looks, however from the front/back view it is all flat on the sides. If you get what I mean?

I believe you made it in Blender?
You could get a side view picture similar to my first one and set it to the background.
I really hope I could help you if you wish you can ask me about anymore questions you have. ICrann

Yeah thats the only part I am struggling with. I had problems with the trigger area and the detail. Thank you for the feedback!


Yes I made it in blender and I did use a background image. I am planning to do a low poly look with the pistol.


Really nice for a first start! A good way to improve your gun is to bevel the edges. Simply go into edit mode, select all the edges around the gun not within the faces and simply press CTRL b. This should make the gun a bit more neater. Here’s a simple example.



It’s definitely a good attempt since this is our first model looking at the image as a reference image is good however, adding some minor details such as the ridged exterior of the top of the pistol and the grip on the sides of it may make your model look much better in a realistic way. I do think it looks a bit to unfinished is I’m not mistaken, perhaps making the muzzle for smaller I think it’s just like that because of the wya you took the screenshot however it will probably also help, again, if you’re taking a realistic approach or a low poly look.

However, if you’re leaning more toward a more low poly / cartoonish style then I do think it looks pretty decent. Possibly try to place some texture on the barrel or the entire model, but other than that I don’t think nothing else is wrong with it since this is your first attempt. Overall, the model looks pretty good!

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A bit of an issue at the back and the circle thing its not smooth I suggest to try fixing it but apart from that looks very cool and good.

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