-- Gun Modeler for hire --

About Me !

Hey there, I’m Oliver, I’m a gun modeler, and I am here to show my work, I’m addicted and making guns, I use BLENDER to make them
I made guns since 2018 and improved a LOT!


• I might not do the guns really fast, it will take me 2 or 3 days if you want it good
• You will have to pay first {Scam Prevention, we got scammed some days ago}
• I don’t accept percentages [%]
• We prefer NITRO and ROBUX [DevEx]
• If you pay with USD, our method will be EURO (PayPal)
• I’m going to separate the guns in 3 parts, small, medium and large


Small guns


Medium guns

Large guns

(not like thats worth 7,5k robux but i didn’t make large guns yet so thats just a showcase of a large gun
like minigun or m60 or just any heavy big or long gun)


I am available mostly on Saturday or Sunday but ill try during week too if i can.


Small ones is a classic

Small is 2700 robux t shirt only or 5USD or classic nitro

Medium = 5000 robux t shirt or 8USD or Normal nitro with 2 boosts

Large = 7500 robux t shirt or 12USD or normal nitro with 3 boosts.


You can contact me on discord BunnyNerdoSK3#4502

Stay strong! :sunglasses:

Currently needing more nitro!


Hello! Im interested! Contact me at Cooper#4785, I sent you a friend request there :smiley: