[Gun Modeling] AK-47 Low Poly Model

Finally finished this

(Also before you say anything about the mag on the last image I changed the color so it wouldn’t match the ground)

Procrastinated so much on it lool

Previous model link : [Gun Modeling] Krig-6 (AK5) Low Poly Model

AK-47 with sight -

AK-47 -

(The next post you see from me will hopefully have scenes like low poly settings that will match the theme of the guns I am modeling)

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i like it keep up good work!:smiley:

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Wow, this is amazing! Good work!

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10/10 :ok_hand:
Keep it up dude

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Looks, very great I love how much detail you put into this and I would enjoy it more if you keep up the great work. Good Luck and have a great day.

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This looks amazing. Keep it up!

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I’m not a low-poly guy myself, but this looks very nice, and I think it would look somewhat even more better with some more subdivision/beveling and smooth shading. I love the model in general, though. Good work!

i dont bevel/subdivide/smooth shade anymore for the reason that it makes the model look even worse

Cool, how many tris does it have?

it has 5k tris but i usually fix my topo and optimize my models if they need to be game ready

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