Gun modeling commission

Showcasing a game model asset for Rusty - Roblox

his gun game is still a really rough demo but I can’t wait to see how it became (it’s an FPS)

H&K G36



A fictional gun inspired from Desert Eagle from a reference he gave to me as an Inspiration




A knife



A Remington with a magazine


A fictional RPG


All of em took me about 1 week to finish

The Knife and the shotgun was pretty simple for me but the H&K G36 are time-consuming and have many errors and some detail had to be removed or changed due to some error in the studio

the pistol is probably the most time consuming one as I need to take some time for research and Desert Eagle inspiration on how they work while keeping the design original to the original concept I made

All criticism is accepted!
and thanks for reading


in blender looks way better tbh

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They look very good! But I suggest adding more textures and colors because they all seem to have the same color.

Looks way better in Blender, I would work on coloring and adding textures so they have more depth and feel more realistic. Black plastic makes it seem unrealistic and not special.

Looks great! Just add some textures to them because they looked real nice in blender. Keep it up!

Overall shape is identifiable, but all the pistol grips require some extra work on. It doesn’t seem comfortable to hold onto them. The scale is distorted from the handle, making them look smaller than the barrel.

He doesn’t have enough money for texture
it’s still a rough demo anyway it’s more for the final touch, it’s his choice if he wants to change the color or order me a texture

could you explain to me more about the scales is distorted from the handle?

I would do some texturing when his game are done

Sorry, I meant proportions. It is not proportionate between the pistol grips and the rest of the gun, which is quite unbalanced.

Your gun models look very flat. I suggest curved edges, instead of blocky ones.

This is feedback solely on the knife model you created:

  • Try to make the handle more round and thicker, it looks too skinny.
  • The tip of the blade isn’t exactly how a normal knife looks. I can’t really describe it further, just look up a knife model on Google, you’ll see the the blade looks way different.
  • Try to add more small details, small engravings on the handle could work.

Good work!

The reason I just let the knife look bland is to limit tri count and so the game won’t waste any processing power and keeping it easy to load (still thanks for the suggestion tho)

I try to limit the tri count so it won’t waste any processing power than making it look cool and detailed even after retopolo it

I could add texture to them but he don’t order me to do them

unless what do you mean is HK Stock then yeah
it kind of look flat