[Gun Modeling] Customized MP5 Low Poly Model

Customized MP5

For the Check-It Corporation

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Customized MP5 :

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Discord : jart#8026


This looks amazing, I love the detail that has gone into it, it looks super realistic and smooth. The colours you have chosen are excellent and on point. I like the update of the added detail and laser point. Very good job!

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That looks… Absolutely awesome! It’s very well made and I wouldn’t be able to recreate that. So uh, good job on that!


This looks so cool! I love the laser on it and the amount of detail is insane, great job!

Easily the best gun I’ve seen on the Devforum and one of the best in Roblox. This is outstanding… Give us your secrets :laughing:


It looks very detailed and awesome, the sight and laser also looks good. :grinning: