[Gun Modeling] XM177 Model

Here’s my new gun, the XM177.

So some backstory, I’ve been trying to make a low poly m16/xm for the longest time, infact one of my earliest models was an xm ahhaa

This was probably my hardest model even though it only took me 2 hours compared to 2 days with my other guns

Heres the finished product and heres what i tried to attempt to make while i was still inexperienced

New XM177 :

Old Work :


You really did a great job on the gun and you have been improving it very well, I would like to see more of that type


Hello, do you have Discord? I would like to hire you / pay for each gun!

:jack_o_lantern: Mr oCIoud#1952

i would like to refer you to my previous dev forum post about my portfolio since this is a help and feedback category. I’m not doing/accepting commisions